Prince of Wales Private Hospital and CPR Kids now offering ‘Knowledge for Life’ Classes

A recent obstetrics survey carried out at Prince of Wales Private Hospital highlighted a huge demand for infant CPR and illness response education amongst maternity patients at both pre and post-delivery.

The survey, part of a wider maternity services review, revealed that 93% of the 383 respondents wanted access to CPR and illness response education.

After identifying the gap the Prince of Wales Private Hospital team developed a partnership with CPR Kids.

CPR Kids was founded by Sarah Hunstead who has over 15 years’ experience in Paediatric Emergency Nursing.

Sarah says she has seen too many parents present to the Emergency department who say “I’m sorry, I just didn’t know what to do", which was her motivation behind starting CPR Kids and the catalyst driving their mission statement, “To empower every parent and carer to recognize and respond to their sick or injured child, with confidence.”

The first class sold out in record time and with future dates also close to capacity additional dates have been added to meet the increasing demand.

One Prince of Wales Private Hospital patient said “It’s really great that you’ve taken the feedback on board. This is a great service.”

The Knowledge for Life classes are so much more than just a first aid class. It is the opportunity to learn from expert critical care paediatric nurses and midwives who have experienced, first hand, everything they teach.

The six hour Knowledge for Life class is designed to equip parents and carers with a toolbox of knowledge, hands-on learning and real life situations so that they are prepared to take on the most common first aid emergencies and illness related situations they may face, to keep their child healthy and safe right from the start.