Norwest Private Hospital CSSD leads the way with new technology

In late 2015, Norwest Private Hospital embarked on a $65 million investment project to increase capacity and enhance surgical facilities.

It was with great pleasure that the first stage of the development was opened recently with an enlarged Central Services Sterile Department (CSSD) fitted with leading edge technology.

“CSSD is the engine room that drives the hospital so it’s imperative that our new sterilising unit is capable of meeting the increased demands of five additional operating theatres”, said Deborah Fogarty, General Manager, Norwest Private Hospital.

“Our new CSSD has exceeded our expectations and with the advanced technology that has been installed, ensures that the sterilisation process is of the highest standard.”

Modern surgical procedures result in large quantities of complex medical devices which need to be cleaned to a very high level and then sterilised to be patient safe.

At the heart of this reprocessing is the CSSD, fitted with the latest equipment to process instruments efficiently and to the highest possible standards.

The high-tech equipment maximises productivity and reduces the potential for human error through mechanisation of tasks that are performed routinely and repeated constantly.

High temperature washing and cleaning equipment processes the medical devices to a superior level ready for sterilisation.

Sterilisers using either Clean Steam Generator technology or Low Temperature Hydrogen Peroxide chemistry render the medical devices ready for surgery and patient safe.

Much of the equipment also uses high quality water for the cleaning and sterilising process through a system known as Reverse Osmosis. This essentially removes common chemicals and material normally found in water supplies.

In the expansion of the CSSD, the most up to date model sterilisers from STERIS Corporation in the USA have been installed.

More efficient than previous models, the new Evolution Sterilisers require 99% less water, using four litres of water per cycle compared to 674 litres with the previous sterilisers.

'Green' enhancements to the technology not only optimise utility consumption, helping to support the hospital’s commitment to be environmentally friendly but also provides increased cost efficiency.

A further advantages of the new technology is the ability to programme the machines to automatically shut down during out of normal working hours, and start back up at a pre-programmed time, ready for staff to use.

This greatly reduces power and utility consumption, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

The new Norwest CSSD has been developed for maximum efficiency with reduced resources, use of high quality medical device processing and with an emphasis on staff and patient safety.

In February 2017, all building works for the new wing will be complete, providing Norwest Private Hospital with an additional 54 surgical beds, seven ICU beds and five operating theatres.

This will increase capacity to 277 beds, 19 ICU beds, 20 Critical Care beds and 19 operating theatres.

Photo: L-R: Rory Campbell- Director Australasia, Steris, Deborah Fogarty - General Manager Norwest Private Hospital, Bill O’Riordan - Vice President, International Commercial Operations, Steris, Annie Watt - Consumables Business Manager, Steris, Toby Arthur - Senior Business Manager, Device Technologies.