New surgery technique arrives at Geelong Private Hospital

Geelong Private Hospital’s Dr Sam Sabary has become the first doctor in regional Australia to complete a cutting-edge surgery using robotic technology.

Using the hospital’s advanced da Vinci Xi technology, the latest model of the da Vinci robot, Dr Sabary performed one of the country’s first single-site hysterectomies last month.

The single-site surgery means a small incision, between 2-2.5cm, is made at the belly button, before curved cannulas are inserted.

The procedure is less invasive, with very minimal scarring.

“Simply, because it is such a small hole … you’re not touching … much of the body,” Dr Sabary said.

“That is the trick of the minimum invasive surgery, to have minimal touch to the organs and minimum cut to the abdomen.”

A tiny camera is put inside the patient to help the doctor.

A hysterectomy involves the removal of the uterus and can include other reproductive organs. Hysterectomies can be carried out using keyhole surgery or open surgery.

The large robot at Geelong Private Hospital has been used for cases of multiple-site hysterectomies, where multiple incisions need to be made.

But a software upgrade means it is now capable of single-site hysterectomies.

Dr Sabary said the technique could probably be used on half of patients needing hysterectomies.

“For example, if you have a very big uterus, it’s impossible, because the space between the two instruments is too small to move,” he said.

He went to the US for a course to become accredited to do the new procedure and said he was planning on using the technology a lot more.

Geelong Private Hospital is the only place in the region where the single-site procedure, using the da Vinci Xi robotic technology, can be done.

As technological advancement within the healthcare industry continues to evolve, Geelong Private Hospital looks forward to continue serving the local community with the latest in state-of-the-art surgical services.