New Phase 1 Cancer Trials have commenced at Frankston Private Hospital

Frankston Private Hospital in conjunction with Peninsula and Southeast Oncology (PASO) and EnGenIC a biopharmaceutical company are hosting a new regime of clinical trials in 2018 targeting bowel cancers.
Senior Oncologist Dr Vinod Ganju has secured an Australian first clinical trial of a novel drug delivery system using nanocells, targeting tumour cells expressing EGFR receptors. EnGenIC has developed a new drug delivery system utilizing antibody targeted, bacterially derived, nonliving nanocells to release high dose chemotherapy agents and a second group of nano-cells contain RNA to stimulate an immune response against the damaged tumour cells.
The Phase 1 trial commenced in April at Frankston Private Hospital and is already attracting interstate patients to the state of the art Infusion Centre. Our first patient Mr. Jason Francis from NSW commutes down from Newcastle weekly for his treatment in our Infusion Department.
In speaking to Mr Francis he was very happy to be engaged in this unique opportunity and participating in a Phase 1 trial. Having tried conventional Chemotherapy with its complicated side effects, he was surprised to see how well he tolerated this new regime of therapy after his first few treatment sessions. So much so it has enabled him to return to part time work during his treatment.
“I feel very privileged to be a part of this ground breaking trial, it gives me targeted treatment without feeling so sick from the chemotherapy” Jason said. He went on “I hope that by participating in this trial I can add to the body of knowledge around bowel cancer treatment, taking us one step closer to a cure in the future”
Dr Ganju is closely monitoring Mr Francis’s progress throughout the course of the trial and hopes to recruit a number of patients.
More information regarding Phase 1 trails can be found at