National Capital Private Hospital is all heart

National Capital Private Hospital is continuing its commitment to providing high quality healthcare to the Australian Capital Territory and greater southern region, with its new state-of-the-art cardiac unit being built under Stage 2 of the hospital’s expansion and redevelopment plan. The hospital is also continuing to invest in innovative cardiac technologies to broaden the delivery and access of health services to the ACT.

Stage 2 of the expansion and redevelopment plan will see the hospital’s bed capacity grow from 130 to 148, and lead to the creation of a purpose built coronary care unit, illustrating the hospital’s dedication to a healthy heart.

An additional theatre has also been approved, elevating the total number of theatres to 8. The increased capacity will create employment opportunities for Canberra locals, and attract more highly-skilled medical staff to the hospital.

As a result, more patients in the ACT and across the greater southern region will have access to the wide range of unique services and facilities offered by the National Capital Private Hospital.

Following the hospital’s successful launch of the $3.5 million da Vinci Xi Surgical System in February this year, which made minimally invasive surgery for cancer patients in the ACT a reality, the National Capital Private Hospital made history again by purchasing the Micra leadless pacemaker.

Micra is less invasive as it is implanted directly into the patient’s heart via a vein in the leg, and is completely self-contained within the heart.

This eliminates potential medical complications arising from a chest incision that could result from conventional pacemakers. For the majority of patients, Micra has translated to fewer medical complications and fewer post-implant activity restrictions.

Ms Elizabeth Porritt, General Manager of National Capital Private Hospital, expressed her excitement on the hospital’s ongoing momentum.

“Our hospital is responding to the growing challenges of healthcare in the greater southern region. Our expansion and redevelopment plan will not only see a reduction in waiting times for our patients, it enhances the range and scope of medical specialties and service quality for our patients. As visible, our recent achievements are all driven by heart,” said Ms Porritt.

Stephen Gameren, NSW/ACT state manager, praised the contributions of the National Capital Private Hospital.

“The hospital is continuing to advance the ACT’s access to health services by introducing innovative technologies and equipment that are unprecedented in our nation’s capital. These are exciting opportunities for us, and the community we serve,” said Stephen.

About National Capital Private Hospital

National Capital Private Hospital (NCPH) is co-located with Canberra Hospital and is dedicated to providing high quality healthcare to the Australian Capital Territory. The hospital provides a range of acute and medical healthcare services including orthopaedics, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, urology and geriatric medicine.

The team of highly skilled staff will work with you to provide everything you need during your stay and after your discharge, from choice of doctors and treatment to working with your family and support groups to develop an effective care pathway to recovery.