Mental Health Week at St Helens Private Hospital!

Mental Health Week at St Helens Private Hospital was recognised with a High Tea and Hats event last week.

Lots of people wore hats of all sorts and enjoyed a bountiful feast of delicious afternoon tea.

Prizes were given for the most glamorous (cute little black number), the silliest (a turtle), the quirkiest (space age) and most creative (handmade felted flower).

The prize winners pictured were very happy with their new Spring plants.

Some of the Day Program Music Therapy group entertained us all with a pretty polished performance of 5 songs – 3 of which they wrote themselves and put to music.

Gold coin donations were collected to contribute to the Farmers Drought relief cause in recognition of the plight of our Australian Farmers at this time.

Monies raised will be combined with some collected last month from those who donned Footy Colours for their favourite football team.

Good fun had by all and for a good cause!