Melbourne Private Hospital hits 100 robotic surgery milestone

Since the introduction of the Mazor surgical robot in July 2016, Melbourne Private Hospital has completed 100 procedures using the state-of-the-art device.

Used for spinal surgery, the Mazor robot provides technology which is minimally invasive and results in a quicker recovery for the patient.

“Technological advancements and access to new technologies such as the Mazor robot, continue to be an important aspect of Melbourne Private Hospital’s focus and strategy to support patient quality care”, explains the hospital’s General Manager, Leanne Umstad.

Consultant Neurosurgeon, Dr Andrew Morokoff explains that the 3D imaging platform allows the specialist to create a surgical blueprint and the bespoke guidance system provides up to 0.5mm accuracy.

“I’ve conducted over 25 surgeries with the robot at Melbourne Private Hospital and the individual patient’s results have been impressive. My patients have certainly benefited from the advancements in the technology,” explains Dr Morokoff.

A number of spinal robotic surgeries are scheduled at Melbourne Private Hospital in the upcoming months.