A Masterclass in Men’s Health.

Dr Christopher Love of Urology South in Moorabbin, has pioneered reconstructive and prosthetic surgery, in men who have undergone prostate cancer removal.

Many of his patients are suffering from post cancer side effects including; impotence, erectile dysfunction, nerve damage and scar tissue.

In April Dr Love assembled an international team of Urological Specialists at Holmesglen Private Hospital, in order to train and update a cohort of Australian and New Zealand Urological Surgeons on new surgical techniques, through live surgery, presentations and case studies.

The inaugural Australasian Masterclass was very successful, with over 30 surgeons attending the day. Dr Love was also awarded a Centre of Excellence certification for his work, one of only 7 worldwide.

Dr Love consults from Urology South and can be reached at on 9660 4911.