Keyhole Spine Surgery Helping Gold Coast Private Patients Back On Their Feet!

A Gold Coast Private specialist is the only surgeon in the city performing keyhole surgery to treat a debilitating spine condition, halving recovery times for patients.

After practising in Sydney, neurosurgeon Lee Yang introduced the procedure to Gold Coast Private Hospital as an alternative to an open discectomy.

The keyhole discectomy is primarily used to treat a prolapsed disc causing sciatica pain - a common condition, often triggered by heavy lifting or twisting.

Dr Yang said the results were striking, with a success rate of more than 95 per cent.

"Patients I have treated at Gold Coast Private have been up and walking immediately after the surgery, and were able to head home from hospital after two days," he said.

"Following open spine surgery, a patient faces up to five days in hospital, and usually requires painkillers.

"The benefits of the keyhole method include very minimal damage to surrounding muscle and bone, much less pain post-surgery, and a quicker recovery."

Keyhole discectomy is performed through a very small incision in the skin, allowing the surgeon to insert a tiny 1.8 cm dilator onto the spinal bone.

A microscope is used to provide light and magnify the affected area 49 times, when the surgeon decompresses the surrounding nerves and trims the bulging disc. The procedure takes approximately two hours.

Dr Yang said the surgery was gaining popularity.

"Keyhole spine surgery is an appealing option to many patients, as it can significantly reduce pain after surgery and allow them to resume normal activities sooner," he said.

"Patients in all age groups are prime candidates, particularly in their seventies and eighties, who are susceptible to injury with an ageing spine.”

Dr Yang said any surgery was only considered as a 'last resort' treatment option, after conservative methods, such as physiotherapy, medication and injections, prove ineffective.

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