Healthscope forms partnership with SurgicalPerformance

Healthscope has recently announced an exciting collaboration with independent Australian company SurgicalPerformance – a web-based, surgeon-friendly, self-auditing tool for Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (O&Gs).

Spearheaded by Healthscope’s Chief Medical Officer, Michael Coglin, the partnership intends to encourage and facilitate the practice of self-auditing among medical specialists by providing free subscriptions of the software to O&G surgeons in Healthscope/ACHA hospitals.

“Healthscope has a vital interest in the standard of healthcare practised in our hospitals, as this determines the quality of care received by patients and ultimately our reputation,” said Dr Coglin.

Healthscope does not determine the standards of medical practice, nor does it direct its medical specialists in their practice and treatment of their private patients, as clinical independence is strongly encouraged. However, with clinical independence comes accountability.

The call for accountability towards private hospitals for the conduct of specialists treating their patients is becoming an emerging issue with growing enthusiasm from various parties. As enthusiasm for the monitoring of medical practice standards increases, the practice of self-monitoring through self-audit by medical specialists is a crucial step to this end.

“With this approach in mind, I am passionate that all medical practitioners should engage in audit as a way of self-monitoring. I stress that as a third party Healthscope will not have access to identifiable data about surgeons at any time as all data is completely de identified to anyone other than the surgeon themselves.” said Dr Coglin.

SurgicalPerformance was founded by Professor Andreas Obermair, a gynaecological oncologist currently in active clinical practice, after identifying an unmet personal need for his practice.

“Surgical Performance has been developed with the sole purpose to help our medical professionals be the best doctors that they can possibly be. We have numerous channels of support available for Healthscope/ACHA O&G surgeons to assist with their take up on this exciting tool thanks to the generosity of Dr Coglin and the Healthscope team. We also plan to introduce further modules for other specialities in the near future.” said Dr Obermair.

Developed in 2008 and relaunched in 2011, the software was developed by surgeons for surgeons, which aims to ensure the best patient outcomes by supporting surgeons with accurate, measurable, and clinically meaningful information on treatment outcomes.

Having passed extensive testing through its hundreds of users, SurgicalPerformance is available to use 24/7 and is designed to offer security and ease-of-use.

Plus, SurgicalPerformance also provides O&G surgeons with the opportunity to collect PR&CRM points effectively and conveniently.

For further information about subscribing to SurgicalPerformance contact Carol Moore.