Easter Excitement at Hobart Private Hospital!

A group of young Girl Guides from the Clarence Waverley District in Hobart met with several Hobart Private Hospital patients on Tuesday to chat and deliver Easter eggs.

Patients enjoyed the early treat, and some regaled the girls with their fun experiences of Girl Guides from years ago.

This particular group has been active for over 20 years and the girls aged between 10 and 17 enjoy all that Guides offers – acquiring practical skills through cooking for special occasions, camping and excursions, developing leadership and organisation skills along the way.

They also develop a sense of community and good citizenship through donations and assistance with other organisations, such as their visit to Hobart Private Hospital.

Hobart Private Hospital enjoys partnering with community organisations such as Girl Guides to support their activities, and now we are looking forward to their annual sale of the traditional Girl Guide biscuits in May.