Celebrating Jennifer Waite

Napean Private Hospital's Day Stay Nurse 40 Years of Service

Jennifer Waite an Enrolled Nurse with over 40 years of service has received her 40 years of service award. Jennifer commenced at Jamison Private Hospital before moving to the current Nepean Private Hospital site in 2000.

Jennifer describes her nursing career sharing the many things have occurred over the years.

“When I started my nursing career there were metal bed pans and dishes, glass thermometers and drainage bottles. Paperwork was written by hand, and sticky labels didn’t exist. There were no IV pumps or dinamap machines, and few disposable items. A lot has changed!”

“I have met some pleasant people (patients and visitors) over the years. I have formed long lasting friendships, some with staff I met when I first started working at Jamison Private Hospital 40 years ago.”

“I love working in the Day Surgery Unit at Nepean Private Hospital.The staff are all fantastic, we work as a team and not individuals.Everyone lends a hand wherever required.The staff are supportive throughout the hospital.”

In January 2019, Jennifer will reach the 50 year milestone of her nursing career. We couldn’t be more proud to have her by our side at Nepean Private Hospital.