Australian First- Blue Light Laser at Frankston Private Hospital

Frankston Private Hospital has once again led the way, introducing new technology to the Frankston and Peninsula community.

In an Australian first, the hospital has acquired the state of the art TruBlueâ„¢ laser technology for Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) surgery and has performed the first vocal cord lesion removal using this newest laser technology.

Specialist ENT surgeon Mr Neil Vallance operated on the first case last week, with excellent success.
“I am really pleased Frankston Private Hospital acquired this unique blue laser technology. It enables me to treat the delicate tissues of the vocal cords and surrounds, with minimal tissue damage.” Mr Vallance said.

The TruBlueâ„¢ laser is developed in Germany by ARC Laser.Having characteristics unique from any other laser, it uses 445nm wavelengths which are blue, unlike the red and green lasers usually used in other surgery.

This unique wavelength enables the laser to operate on delicate tissues such as, a singers vocal cords or the soft tissues of a baby’s airway. The small thermal spread ensures there is minimal scattering effect of the laser and minimal extra tissue damage.

Hospital General Manager Maree Fellows welcomed the introduction of the laser into the hospital;

“It makes me proud that we are able to offer this unique laser technology to the Frankston and Peninsula community. We have a state of the art hospital offering services that our community cannot receive anywhere else in Australia. Patients are coming to us from all over the country to seek out our services.”

The TruBlueâ„¢ laser will be permanently available at Frankston Private Hospital.