Behind the News

Hobart Private Hospital makes the wheels go round.

Hobart Private Hospital has donated a motorized wheelchair to a Nursing Home north of Hobart.

Following the devastating bushfires on the Tasman Peninsula in 2013 Hobart Private Hospital bought and donated the wheelchair to a delightful gentleman whose own chair had been destroyed. The chair enabled him to regain some independence and dignity, visit his friends, assist with the shopping and attend the local Day Centre. Before he passed away in 2017 he left instructions with his wife to ensure the chair would continue to be put to maximum use.

Hobart Private Hospital sought assistance from local Rotary Clubs to nominate suitable recipients and the Corumbene Home was chosen. The facility provides residential care, retirement living and home help services to the Derwent Valley, Central and Southern Midlands and Brighton – an extensive area.

On Thursday 25 January we took great pleasure in handing the chair onto residents and staff, followed by lunch and a tour of the facility.

John Amery, General Manager at Hobart Private Hospital welcomed the opportunity to provide assistance to the Corumbene community. He said “I can assure you this nifty device performs very well, so look out for the little orange flag. We hope it continues to offer a safe option for a little extra independence for the residents here”.

The Chairman of the Corumbene Board, Peter Rouleston expressed his thanks and suggested “this superior chair will be frequently used, and some safe ‘driving’ lessons and L plates for the residents might be a good idea”.

John noted that although Hobart Private Hospital is an acute care facility it was nice to work with such a good community care provider. “If it wasn’t for facilities like Corumbene the private and public hospital sectors would be more burdened, so we are proud to be able to present this chair.”