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The purpose of HIM Awareness Week is to honour and celebrate health information management (HIM) professionals and to raise awareness of the profession and the contribution that the health information workforce makes towards healthcare and Healthscope.
This year the Healthscope hospitals honoured the HIM profession by spreading awareness on the vital role they play in providing accurate and reliable data to support patient care and overall organizational performance. Together staff members participated in a ‘privacy themed cake competition’ and morning tea.
Combining a love of both privacy and more importantly, cake, the hospitals took time to showcase their creativity and open their departments to the wider hospital community in order to reflect on their professional impact as well as sharing some insight into the work that they do.
The morning tea was not only delicious but informative and educational to many.
Healthscope recognises that Health Information is at the heart of quality healthcare and acknowledges its strong focus on continuous improvement and professional development.

2018 Healthscope HIM Awareness Week Cake Competition
Black Bow Tie
Emoji Cake and Cupcakes
George Clooney Cake
Teal Cupcakes
Injection Cake
Mark Zuckerberg Cake
Shhh Cake
White Padlock Cake
Yellow and Black Tie Padlock Cake
Zipper Lips Cake
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