Growth and Innovation

Patient Finder - it takes the worry out of a hospital stay

For the family and friends with a patient undergoing surgery there is nothing worse than the waiting for the phone to ring with an update on their condition.

Recognising that there was the opportunity to relieve the anxiety of our patient's family and friends Healthscope created Patient Finder, a website app that tracks a patient's progress through theatre, recovery and their return to the ward.

David Bull, Healthscope Corporate IT Manager explains that Patient Finder is one example of Healthcope's push into the ePatient services domain.

"From a digital perspective we recognise there are key ways to make our patients, their family and friends interaction with our hospitals a lot easier.

Patient Finder provides the opportunity for a patients friends and family to see their status in terms of surgery status, their ward location and room number and is some instances their telephone number," explains David.

After the successful completion of the pilot Geelong Private Hospital are keen to implement Patient Finder to provide the key service.

Janine Haigh, General Manager of Geelong Private Hospital explains that the pilot of Patient Finder hasbeen a success.

"The feedback received from the patientsin the pilot has been outstanding with many patients highlighting that they can provide their family or friends with their individual access details to Patient Finder and it provides them with the peace of mind that they know how they are tracking and know how to contact them at any given time. It reduces a lot of anxiety," explains Janine.

A consistent theme ran throughout the trial and that was the benefit of eService technology in regional areas.

"As a regional hospital many patients attending Geelong Private Hospital have family and friends from outside the area, who can't attend the hospital on the actual day of surgery, with Patient Finder they are provided with a near realtime update of their loved one's status and can get in contact, when possible, seamlessly," explains Janine.

Patient Finder will be rolled out across all 46 Healthscope Hospitals in Australia.

"Our focus is to continue to provide our patients with technology that enhances their time with our hospitals," David explains.