Growth and Innovation

Holmesglen Private Hospital launches MAKO robot surgery.

Holmesglen Private Hospital is proud to launch its latest orthopaedic technology, the Stryker MAKO robot that assists orthopaedic surgeons to perform extremely precise orthopaedic surgery. The 3rd generation MAKO robot is at the cutting edge of new orthopaedic technology offering minimally invasive precision surgery for compartmental knee, patellofemoral and total hip surgeries.

Orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Peter Moran recently performed the first Stryker MAKO robot assisted unicompartmental knee replacement surgery at Holmesglen Private Hospital.

Mr Kouch was the first patient to undergo this advanced knee surgery at the hospital. Discharged from hospital after a few days, Mr Kouch attended his postop review to take down his bandage after a successful operation.

How it works.

Mr Moran reported that the MAKO’s robotic-arm assisted surgery is a minimally invasive treatment option for adults living with early to mid-stage osteoarthritis that has not yet progressed to all three compartments of the knee.

The system enables a surgeon to complete a pre-operative surgical plan, assess bone preparation and customises implant positioning using the patients own CT scan of their anatomy. Intraoperatively, the system renders a 3D version of the bone surface that correlates to the preoperative plan. Using the robotic arm the system uses tactile, auditory and visual feedback to limit surgical cuts and shaving of the bone structures to precisely remove the diseased bony areas without disrupting and minimising removal of healthy tissue. Thus enabling precise implant placement that is customised for each individual patient.

General Manager Keryn Hopkins reported training of our orthopaedic surgeons is currently underway including Mr Pon Pak, who is currently testing the technology for total hip replacement patients.

Holmesglen Private Hospital purchased the MAKO robot this year and it is now available for MAKO trained orthopaedic surgeons operating at the hospital.