Media Release

Dedicated emergency healthcare for residents of the north

With a long term focus on providing the residents of the north with high quality healthcare, Northpark Private Hospital has recently introduced a nurse call back service.

Vanessa Gorman, Nurse Unit Manager of Northpark Private Hospitals Emergency Department, explains that the service, run by fully trained nursing staff, will be provided from 24 to 72 hours after a patient has been discharged from the hospital’s emergency department.

“Current evidence shows that a telephone follow-up post discharge can improve medical treatment by increasing satisfaction, compliance, decrease re-admission rates and improve patient-reported outcomes,” said Vanessa.

A key factor in providing this service is to ensure that Northpark Private Hospital patients have the opportunity to alleviate any questions they may have post their discharge.

“Our nurses are able to determine if the patient feels better post discharge or if they have clinically deteriorated and require our intervention,” explains Vanessa.

With a focus on continuous improvement Northpark Private utilise the opportunity for direct contact to gain valuable, constructive feedback about their stay at the hospital to ensure continued improvement and growth.

“We feel like we are leading the path to the future of healthcare, listening to our patients who are spread right across northern suburbs, about their requirements for their local private healthcare provider is imperative to our hospital,” explains Vanessa.

Since commencing the service in early January there has been a great feedback to the service with the majority of patients expressing great satisfaction.